Android Hotkeys


14th September, 2023

Hey there, Android app developers! Are you tired of sifting through menus and mouse clicks in Android Studio? Well, we’ve got a game-changer for you. Welcome to our guide on Android Studio Hotkeys – your secret weapon for faster, more efficient coding. In this post, we’ll show you the essential shortcuts that will turbocharge your Android Studio experience. Let’s get started!

CTRL + SPACE --> Basic Code Completion

SHIFT + F6 --> Refactor/Rename

Shift + Shift --> Search Every Where

ALT + ENTER --> Quick Fix

SHIFT + F10 --> Run

SHIFT + F9 --> Debug

CTRL + N --> Go to Class

CTRL + SHIFT + N --> Go to File

CTRL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE --> Navigate to Last Edit Location

CTRL + ALT + L --> Format Code

ALT + 6 --> Show Logcat

CTRL + D --> Duplicate Line

CTRL + Y --> Delete Line

CTRL + E --> Recently Opened Files

CTRL + SHIFT + A --> Find Action

ALT + INS --> Generate Code

ALT + -/+ --> Collapse/Expand Code Blocks

Add Your own shortcuts

You can add your own shortcut key too. Have a look here that how to add shortcut key. Let’s add shortcut key for New Empty blank activity.

File -> Settings -> Keymap ->

In the Keymap section, Search for Activity. Select Empty Activity and right click (or double click) on it.

Select add keyboard shortcut. (New window will appear) Set your favorite shortcut key. Click OK. Click Apply and OK. Enjoy!

Happy coding!

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