Android CardView with Example

Hi developer, Today we are going to learn about a view container which is used to style the app design ...
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ScrollView in Android with Example

Now we are going to learn about another widget of the Android System. It is Android ScrollView ...
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ListView in Android

Hello Android Learner, you want to display a list in an application. What will you do? Android has a widget ...
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Android ImageView with example

In Android, ImageView is a view used to display images. We can set the image to the ImageView using the ...
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EditText Tutorial With Example In Android Studio (Kotlin/Java)

Android EditText is a type of User Interface that allow the user to enter or modify text. Its parent class ...
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How to create ImageButton In Android

ImageButton is a type of Android User Interface used to display a button with an image. ImageView is the parent ...
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Android CheckBox with example

CheckBox is a two-state button that can be either ON (checked) or OFF (unchecked) state. We will learn about Android ...
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Android RadioGroup with simple example

Hello developers! We have learned earlier about Android Radio Button. Let's take a quick look at Android RadioGroup ...
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Android Radio Button with example

RadioButton is a two-states user interface of the Android system that is either checked or unchecked. A Radio Button is ...
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Android TextView with Examples (Kotlin and Java)

TextView is a User Interface (UI) used to display text labels in Android. We can create Android TextView in two ...
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Create Custom Content Providers In Android

Hello Android developer! In this example you will learn how to create your own Content Provider In Android. Here we ...
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Content Providers In Android

Content Providers are one of the core component of the Android system. Content Providers play a very important role in ...
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Android Broadcast Receiver Example

Hello Android developer! In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a simple Android Broadcast Receiver in Android ...
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Android Service Example

Android Service is a amazing component of the Android application development. By using Android Service you can perform long running ...
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Working with Android Fragments

Fragment is an important topic of Android App Development. We already discussed about that. Now it's time to practically implement ...
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Lifecycle of Android Fragments

Android fragments have their own events, layouts and lifecycle. In this section we will discuss the various stages of fragments ...
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Android Broadcast Receiver

Broadcasts is a messaging system between apps in the Android operating system. Android Broadcast is a component in Android that ...
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Services In Android

A Service is a special type of Android component used to perform long-running operations in the background. You can play ...
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Introduction to Android Fragments

Android Fragment is a reusable Graphical User Component (GUI). In other word, A Fragment is a piece of the Android ...
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Activity in Android

In this tutorial we will learn one of the most important topics of Android app development, which is Android Activity ...
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Introduction to Gradle and build.gradle files

The Gradle build system is used to build Android applications in Android Studio. Android projects are handled by the Gradle ...
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Android Studio Project Folder Structure

Hey android developer, before proceeding let's know some basic folder structure of android app project ...
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Component of Android Studio’s Main Window

Hello, This post provides an introduction about the basic components of the main window of Android Studio. When you develop ...
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How To Create New Project In Android Studio?

Hello Android learner! You will be able to create/start an android project after reading this article. This is very easy ...
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Android Studio Installation And Setup

In this part we will learn how to install Android Studio so that you can start your Android App development ...
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Introduction to Android

What is Android? Android is a popular Linux based open source operating system used in mobile phones, tables, smart watches ...
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THUMB-Create Android Virtual Device (AVD) in Android Studio

Create Android Virtual Device (AVD) in Android Studio

As an Android developer you always need to test your app frequently. If you have a real Android device, that's ...
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How to clear spinner value in Kotlin Android

Hello android developer, Android spinner is a view similar to the dropdown list which is used to select one option ...
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Thumb-Android Custom Action Bar

Android Custom Action Bar – Action bar Logo and Title click events handling

Hello Android developer, Android toolbar (formerly known as action bar) is an important android design element. It is used to ...
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Create Material Design Style Spinner DropDown in android

Create Material Design Style Spinner DropDown in android

Howdy Android developer! This article shows you how to create Floating label spinner drop-down using Material Design AutocompleteTexView in Android ...
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How to Create Free Live Weather App In Android – Step by step – Part 2

Welcome back! This is part-2 of the Free Live Weather App In Android. Let's get started ...
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How to Create Free Live Weather App In Android – Step by step – Part 1

Hi Developer! In this Android project you will learn how to Create Free Live Weather App In Android - Step ...
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Android JSON Parsing from Web URL without Any Library

Hi Developer! In this tutorial you will learn how to parse JSON data from the URL. Please read previous part ...
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Android JSON Parsing Tutorial

Hi Android developer! JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is readable format for structuring data. It is used to transmit data between ...
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Android AdMob Banner Ads in Recyclerview

Hi Android developer! AdMob is one of the largest ad network that helps you monetize. You may have seen banner ...
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Android Floating Action Button Example

Android Floating Action Button is an interesting component introduced by Android Material Design. It attract the user's attention. In this ...
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Android Snackbar Example

Android Snackbar is introduced by Android Material Design. Snackbar is light-weight widget to show messages. This section covers a little ...
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How to Implement Ripple Effect in Android

Ripple effect is compatible with device running lollipop (API 21) and above. In this section you are going to learn ...
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How to Blur Image in Android

Image Blurring is a useful tool in Image Processing. You can highlight and focus the image using the blur effect ...
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Android Color Picker Library

There are many color picker libraries available today. Ambilwarna android color picker library is one of the best. This library ...
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How to Handle Runtime Permissions In Android

In this example, You will learn how to handle the runtime permissions in Android ...
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Android RatingBar Example

Rating bar is used to get the rating from the user. A user can simply touch and drag on the ...
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How To Create Options Menu in Android

The Android menu provides some actions for the user. Such as settings, search, help etc. In this example you will ...
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Simple RecyclerView with Click Listener Example

Android RecyclerView is an improved version of ListView and GridView. It has the ability to display data horizontally, vertically as ...
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How to Display Full Screen Loading Dialog

Hello Android Developer! Sometimes you need to show full screen loading dialog to prevent the user from input. In this ...
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Handling Images In Android with Glide

Glide image loader library is used to download and handle images. In this tutorial you will learn integration and usage ...
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Touch and Drag to Erase Photo In Android

Photo editing is a popular tool in Android apps. After learning this lesson, you will be able to create a ...
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How to Get URI of Captured Photo

Hello Developer! In this section you will learn how to get URI of captured photo ...
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Share Intent For a Bitmap Without Saving a File

Hi Android Developer, When you don't want to save the bitmap permanently to the user phone and just want to ...
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Android Create Navigation Drawer Using Fragments

Hello Android Developer! In this part, You will see how to create Android Navigation Drawer Using Fragments ...
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