Lifecycle of Android Fragments


5th February, 2023

Android fragments have their own events, layouts and lifecycle. In this section we will discuss the various stages of fragments lifecycle.

Lifecycle of Android Fragments

A Fragment’s lifecycle begins when the fragment is attached to an Activity. The fragment lifecycle is shown below.

Fragment Lifecycle

Lifecycle Methods of Fragment

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Fragment’s Lifecycle States, Callback methods and View’s Lifecycle

The Fragment (androidx.fragment:fragment) class implements the LifecycleOwner (androidx.lifecycle:lifecycle-common) interface. This interface expose the Lifecycle object. So we can get fragment states using getLifecycle() method .

The Lifecycle.State Enum provides the possible states of Lifecycle object.

Fragment Lifecycle states enum

The fragment’s view have their own separate lifecycle. It is managed independently from fragments’ lifecycle. The following image describes the lifecycle of Android Fragment that relates to the callback methods and view’s lifecycle.

Android Fragment Lifecycle

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