How To Create New Project In Android Studio?


5th February, 2023

Hello Android learner! You will be able to create/start an android project after reading this article. This is very easy to do. So why late? Lets start.

Step 1: Start Android Studio

Start Android Studio, The startup window will appear. Select New Project.

Startup/welcome screen of the Android Studio

A ⇒ Create/Start a new project.
B ⇒ If you already have an Android project, You can open the project using this option.
C ⇒ Get project from Version Control (git)

Step 2: Select An Activity

On the next window you have to select an activity. For now, simply select an Empty Activity from the list of activities.

New Android Project Select Activity

Step 3: Fill Project Details

In this window, fill in the required details about your application. Name, package name, coding language, etc. If you didn’t understand all the things here. Don’t worry I have given you a sample image below. We will learn all that in the coming chapters. After that, Click the Finish button.

Fill project details of new android project

Android studio will take some time to prepare the project for you. That’s it, your new Android Studio Project is ready. Happy coding!

Video Tutorial

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