GridView in Android With Example

Hi, today we are going to learn another view container which displays items in two dimensions.


Android CardView with Example

Hi developer, Today we are going to learn about a view container which is used to style the app design. It has inbuild rounded corners which creates an attractive user interface. Let’s Start.

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ScrollView in Android with Example

Now we are going to learn about another widget of the Android System. It is Android ScrollView.

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ListView in Android

Hello Android Learner, you want to display a list in an application. What will you do? Android has a widget that can be used. In this part we will learn about Android ListView. Let’s start.

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Android ImageView with example

In Android, ImageView is a view used to display images. We can set the image to the ImageView using the android:src attribute. Let’s take an overview of Android ImageView.

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EditText Tutorial With Example In Android Studio (Kotlin/Java)

Android EditText is a type of User Interface that allow the user to enter or modify text. Its parent class is TextView, so it inherits all the features of the Android TextView class. It helps the user to interact with the application. EditText is widely used in form screen type. Like user profile, login, sign up, feedback screen.

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How to create ImageButton In Android

ImageButton is a type of Android User Interface used to display a button with an image. ImageView is the parent class of ImageButton class.

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