Android CheckBox with example

CheckBox is a two-state button that can be either ON (checked) or OFF (unchecked) state. We will learn about Android checkbox in this tutorial.

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Android RadioGroup with simple example

Hello developers! We have learned earlier about Android Radio Button. Let’s take a quick look at Android RadioGroup.

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Android Radio Button with example

RadioButton is a two-states user interface of the Android system that is either checked or unchecked. A Radio Button is usually used with a RadioGroup that allow the user to choose only one option from a set of values.

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Android TextView with Examples (Kotlin and Java)

TextView is a User Interface (UI) used to display text labels in Android. We can create Android TextView in two ways. Using an XML layout file or programmatically.

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Create Custom Content Providers In Android

Hello Android developer!
In this example you will learn how to create your own Content Provider In Android. Here we are going to create two Android apps. We will add data using the first app and retrieve it using the second app. Let’s get started.

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Content Providers In Android

Content Providers are one of the core component of the Android system. Content Providers play a very important role in terms of data sharing between Android apps. Let’s quick dive into another useful component of Android.

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Android Broadcast Receiver Example

Hello Android developer! In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a simple Android Broadcast Receiver in Android.

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